From the CEO: Why I Applied for GrandPR and 5 Reasons You Should Too

“…but I have some additional experience that I would like to provide you in hopes that it will persuade you to change your mind.

I applied for GrandPR after I went to the Spring Open House in 2013, the event that I caught wind of, drove to Grand Rapids for, and continued to awkwardly walk around parents and students until I got the courage to ask how I could be a part of it. There was a distinct vibe that GrandPR wasn’t just for the average students. They searched for the best students to provide the highest quality of work for their clients.

I applied for GrandPR because I truly enjoy a challenge. I really, really do. I like going after something that I have a shot at getting, just to see if I can get it. This is the attitude that gave me a reason to send a “This is Why You Should Hire Me” email back to my rejection email from GrandPR in the fall of 2013. I was determined to succeed, and I knew that an experience like that offered by GrandPR would help develop my professional portfolio. This is the attitude that has carried me from Account Associate to Account Executive to CEO. If I would have taken no for an answer, or paid too much attention to the requirements and not applied, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. So that is why I applied, but why should you? Here are my top five reasons why I think you should apply for GrandPR:

1. It’s socially acceptable.

GrandPR offers an opportunity for you to meet others in your program and develop relationships with our clients, advisors, and other professionals in the area. Those kids you take classes with? They’re pretty cool. Participating in clubs and organizations that enhance your education like GrandPR, PRSSA, or Ad Club can help you make friends and create connections with new people who are passionate about the exact same things as you!

2. Work with clients, not for them.

Sure, you get to work with clients in CAP 220, 321, 400, and 423, but do you really get to work WITH them? Or do you work for them? In GrandPR, we work strategically with our clients to ensure what we are doing is a) based on research, b) strategic, and c) measurable. We don’t have a set of requirements for each project, but the teams are encouraged to think freely to generate unique solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems.

3. The experience is what you make it.

GrandPR can be an extremely rewarding experience, it can be subpar, or it can completely miss the mark – yes, I said it. The key to success? Work hard. Don’t shy away from the problem, but come up with a unique solution for it so you have something to show for your semester or year experience as a participant in our firm.

4. We don’t put up with this excuse: “We’re just students.”

We are not JUST students. We are students! We are lifelong learners in the beginning stages of our career with much gusto and motivation to enact change! We do not limit ourselves to social media or blogging, but constantly seek out new opportunities to challenge and grow our professional and firm portfolio.

5. Plenty of pros with minimal cons.

Sit for a second and weigh the pros and cons. What do you have to lose? GrandPR does not interfere or hold you back from additional opportunities or experiences with a minimal time commitment of 5 hours. If anything, you will gain more friends, a unique experience, and more skills in PR and communications.

Why do you think you should apply? What benefits would you gain from being a part of GrandPR?

-Daltyn Little, CEO

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